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ATTN: Angel; other Ave B characters if you choose - Measure in love...
Days of Inspiration: A Rent RPG
Sun, Dec. 24th, 1989 08:49 pm
ATTN: Angel; other Ave B characters if you choose

The first one she saw was stuck to a telephone pole, and nearly illegible it was covered in so much graffiti. She wasn't sure why it caught her eye, but it did, and like everything else about Benny, it immediately put a sour taste in her mouth and a pang of regret in her chest.

The paper was a yellow color, she realized, under all the dirt on it, and it couldn't have been there long or she would have noticed it before. Strange how something could be assimilated into the East Village atmosphere of chaos so quickly.

"Go to hell, Benny," she muttered.

Mimi pulled the eviction notice off the telephone pole and carefully tore it up, watching as the pieces fell and sunk in a puddle of brownish water that had collected at the side of the road.