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Measure in love...
Days of Inspiration: A Rent RPG
Fri, Mar. 10th, 2006 07:33 pm

1. All entries should be dated according to the time of the event. i.e. an entry about Christmas Eve would be dated 12/24/1989.

2. All entries should carry the subject heading ATTN: and the names of the characters you wish to participate in the scene. These characters will then continue the scene with you in the comments. Additionally, please tag posts either ooc or rpg.

3. This is a third person rpg--basically, that means that you're writing a chain fic. Just please be sure to write only for your character. You defeat the purpose of the rpg if you start forcing another character into things.

4. Anything out of character from now on should be posted in the ooc community, inspiration_ooc.

5. If you've been cast, you will need to finalize your character journal and friend all of the other character journals. Also, please come up with a set of icons that have to do with your character--it doesn't make any sense to be reading your posts and looking at another character's picture. PLEASE STILL APPLY for the roles that are open! We need a Collins!

Thanks to everyone who applied, and congratulations. You're all wonderful.

Get to know your fellow posters! Contact info is on the apps for a reason.

Most importantly, have fun!



Days of Inspiration: A Rent RPG
Tue, Mar. 7th, 2006 09:31 pm

Hey guys.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the interest and all of the great applications that we've gotten so far. We're hoping to launch the actual RPG on Friday, so that means we'll need a few things from you.

1) If you've already been cast, make sure you've got a character journal up and running. Join the community, and friend all of your fellow characters' journals. Put your application on your userinfo page so that everyone knows where to look for purposes of continuity.

2) If your first application was turned down (and you've been notified--don't assume that you've been turned down just because you haven't heard anything) please consider applying for another character. We've still got a few leads to fill, and then we'd like to fill a number of the secondary character spots as well. If you'd like to apply for more than one of the secondary characters, that's fine as well.

3) If you haven't gotten your application in yet, and still would like to, please do so before Friday. At that time, all major roles will be cast, and we will no longer be reviewing applications. If you're submitting a new application, please post it as a comment to this post. That way we'll have less of a mess to sort through in order to get to yours.

That's all for now--you're all doing great.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this post, or email or IM one of your mods.

Have a great night.



Days of Inspiration: A Rent RPG
Sun, Mar. 5th, 2006 11:49 am
Welcome to Days of Inspiration, a Rent RPG community.

This RPG chronicles the lives of our favorite bohemians from the moment Roger goes through the last of his withdrawal (at a rehab or not to be decided by the person playing Roger) until the end of the musical. We are following the musical's timeline (not the movie's), pretty much novelizing the musical through the character's eyes. Scroll down to read the rules!

We are currently in need of the following characters:

After the above main characters are filled, we are opening applications for the following:
Allison Grey
The Man
Mr. & Mrs. Cohen
Mrs. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson
Mrs. Marquez
Alexi Darling
Squeegee Man
Mr. Grey
The Waiter/Maitre'd

The Rules
1. First, you need to apply and get accepted. Accepting is based on writing ability, not first come-first serve. Please keep that in mind when you apply!

To apply:
- Fill out the following application:
Character's basic info:
1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Sexual Preference:
4) Birthday:
5) Occupation:
6) Appearance:
7) Personality:


-Writing sample:

-Character's reaction to:
1) Death:
2) Betrayal:
3) Love:
4) Jealousy:

-Character's feelings regarding:
1) Parents:
2) Lovers:
3) Personal history:
4) Personal future:

1) Favorite food:
2) Favorite place:
3) Comfort object:
4) Secret dream:
5) Greatest fear:
1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Experience with RENT:
4) Experience with RP'ing:
5) Email/AIM screenname:

-Make sure the application is absolutely, completely filled out and you answer everything to the best of your ability. The writing sample is a MUST, and can be virtually anything - a part of a short fanfic, or another RPG example.
-E-mail this application to MarkCohen.Artist@gmail.com . You can also apply by pasting the application as a comment to this post.
-Don't worry - you will receive a response ASAP - most likely the same day or the next.

2. Once you've been accepted:
-Make a journal for your character to use. Make sure you put into consideration your character's personality when making the journal - from username to icon to userinfo.
-Use your application info as your userinfo.
-Make sure you friend both THIS community (where you will be RPing) and the OC board, where all the business stuff will be taken care of.
-Make sure you join both this community and the OC community.
-Friend all of your fellow bohemians.

About the RPG itself:

- As stated earlier, this RPG will be taking place from right after Roger's end of withdrawal (early December, probably), to the end of the musical. Because of this, we have decided that the RPG is not to stray specifically from the main points of the play. For example: Angel must die, Mimi must remain a stripper, and the couples must remain the same. There may be little hints at things that could've or might've happened in the past, but Jonathan Larson, as I'm sure most of you would agree, has created enough of a rich world that we can create the missing moments of Rent that we all would've liked to see happen.

- Our RPG is in 3rd person format, while the personal journals are obviously in first person. ie; for the rpg you would put something like, (if you were playing mark) "Mark stands, tucks in his shirt and sighs. It is not going to be an easy day for him, and he knows it.". Mark's personal journal might say something like, "Today was a terrible day - I felt so sick", etc etc.

- Make sure you update as much as possible. Without updates, an RPG falls flat. We will not hesitate to remove you and pick up someone else if you fail to update.

- Use your journals as a way to communicate! Have the characters leave comments to one another, etc. It's more fun that way.

- Most importantly - Have fun! We all love Rent, so let's make our experience with it that much better!

Another Note: This community is closed to membership - membership is only for the rpg and it's mods and players. You MUST fill out an application and have been accepted for you to be added to the community!

Current Music: Anthony Rapp